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Omni offers a full line of REAL explosive scents for Explosive Canine Handlers. We take great
care to minimize cross contamination of odors. Each item is specially handled with gloves, then
bagged, then finally boxed. If you have any questions about what to or not to get please call and Teresa will help you decide. All
explosive items on the K9 pages are shippable as 1.1D


Item Description
mag TYPE 2 INDOOR MAGAZINE ATF APPROVED. INTERIOR: 14.5” deep x 23” wide x 16.25” front to back. EXTERIOR: 16” tall x 30” wide (including handles) x 24.25” front to back. WEIGHT: 125 LBS. Made from 11 gauge steel and lined with ½ inch plywood. Includes 2 hoods and 4 bolt mounts for mounting to the ground or casters. Exceeds ATF Spec. Requires TWO padlocks!! If you are ordering this magazine and plan to use the new ½” shackle, Omni will modify your magazine for free. Just please, let us know when you order. CASTERS-4 We can now provide you with great casters to put on your Omni Magazines.
sq lock This American 790 Lock is Massively Strong and weighs
over 2 lbs each. The ATF has proposed new legislation
requiring new locks with ½” Shackles. This is it. Solid
Hardened Steel Padlocks. 6-Pin Tumblers. 3” Solid
Hardened Steel Case, Satin Chrome Finish. 1/2” Diameter
Steel Shackle. Exceeds ATF Regulations. Please check
your magazines before purchasing these locks and make
sure it the ½” shackle will fit.
black powder K9-BP Black Powder, (Potassium Nitrate, Charcoal, Sulfur)
Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate, Charcoal, Sulfur, Graphite.
c4 K9-C4-BULK C-4, Bulk (91% RDX, 9% Plasticizer) + 1- 3% taggants
K9-C4-BLOCK C-4, M112 Block, 1.25 Lb, pressed + 1- 3% taggants
Cyclotriamethylene-trinitramine (RDX), Polyisobutalene, DMDNB, DMNB
semtex Semtex A1 Plastic Explosive, 20 gram vial 480 grams total 1.06 lb.. UN0444,
Charges Explosive Commercial, Without Detonator. 1.4D, PG II
comp b K9-COMPB Composition B (60% RDX, 40% TNT)
Cyclotriamethylene-trinitramine (RDX), Trinitrotolulene
(TNT), Wax

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