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Single Starter Device Manual

Dual Starter Device Manual

CNC stands for computer numerical control, and refers specifically to a computer "controller" that reads code instructions and drives the machine tool, a powered mechanical device typically used to fabricate metal components by the selective removal of metal


YES, we do custom manufacturing but mostly we are busy making starter devices. We have maufactured parts for Broken Arrow, PAN Disrupter, Kiwi Breaching, T.E.E.S, Smith and Nephew, Wright Medical, and Memphis Orthopedics. If you would like to send us an email regarding this topic, please email us at

Single Starter Device

Single Starter Device (SSD)
Our starter device has undergone numerous changes over the past 25 years. Two things have remained constant: 1) Its absolutely the most reliable single starter on the market and 2) Its the best priced. Recent improvements include stainless steel lanyard and a new knurled trigger to improve grip.
Our single starter device is priced at: $135

Dual Starter Device

Dual Starter Device (DSD)
Unlike most other shock tube initiators, this one was designed from the ground up to have two completely independendent mechanisms and initiation paths providing true redundant operation. Most of the other products available are based on two retrofitted single fire devices, cobbled together with a single trigger and sear. Please call for DSD price!

Dambusterdambuster and helix

DamBuster Pole


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